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(because desire is a constellation)

GutaiManifesto, ArtePovera, GillesDeleuze esp’cinema2: the time image’ & the L’Abécédaire with Claire Parnet & the great lectures on Spinoza & Leibniz.  Complexsystems. postStructuralism   AntoniTàpies, JoanMiró, CyTwombly, Jean-François Lyotard esp ‘discourse figure’, ‘A Gesture of Colour’ & his idea of the differend. Spinoza, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, GiorgioAgamben esp ‘the coming community’ , ‘man without content’ & The Archaeololgy of Commandment 2011 egs lectures. LuceIrigaray esp ‘Speculum of the other Woman’. ElizabethGrosz, MargueriteDuras esp her films (India Song, Nathalia Granger, Destroy She Said.) AvitalRonell, JudithButler, esp european graduate school lectures. MauriceBlanchot. the nonHuman.Tony Simpson esp Te Riri Pakeha (the white mans anger), JamesBelich esp ‘the New Zealand Wars and the Victorian Interpretation of Racial Conflict’. Parrhesia. PaulCelan esp ‘the meridian speech’, WallaceStevens oh la la everything, FernandoPessoa, Stéphane Mallarmé, WalterBenjamin. Satori.RolandBarthes esp the essays ‘multa sed multum’ & ‘from work to text’. Haecceity. RobertSapolsky esp theStandfordUniversity lectures 21:chaos&reductionism& 22: Emergence&ComplexityFred Williams the australian artist. Charline Von Heyl, Joanne Greenbaum, NonRepresentationalpainting. Abstract painting. FrancesHodgkins only the late works. Matisse….etc etc….you get the ideaOR if you do not….no worry …do the google thing if you want. read a few sentences…or even a dictionary. or a library. or ask a friend. &WELCOME.




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if you are interested in my process this essay ‘letter to X’ may be helpful. you can find it here

if you are interested about what other people have said about my work. the essay & interview section in the overviews menu has some wonderful writing. find it here.

there is poetry!!  you will find it here.

there is alberts writing!  philosophy& poetry combined.   for that go here

a photographic cluster of the artists life, via decade era’s can be found here.  (unfinished, 40’s & 50’s yet to be unfurled) 



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Kim Pieters
Harbour Studio, Dunedin,
Aotearoa, New Zealand
South Pacific



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