kim pieters studio

if you wish toACQUIRE




a kim pieters art work you will find all the
INFORMATION you need below








1st.   find the archive index page (the work) here 

click on any of the images and you will find a group of paintings or drawings pertaining to that series.     take note of maybe  3 or 4 series that interest you. 


2nd. check the 2023 market prices below.


3rd. email the studio at   include in that mail the various series that you have considered.   the studio will reply with  jpeg images of works that are available.


4th. if a work is agreed upon, an invoice will be sent to you.  & on payment the artwork will be posted to you.    fini.











2023market prices



225mm x 320mm
mixed media on paper

$ NZD    1,  000 each




600mm x 600mm
mixed media on board

$NZD    3,  800 each


1200mm x 1200mm
mixed media on board

$NZD    9,  800 each


freight free within new zealand.
international freight extra.