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find below the most recent ARCHIVE activity.

four of the ten 2020 drawing suites. click on each image and the set will manifest. 

watch this space for the ‘is the sky blue?’ set of paintings as they become available for sale in an online exhibition set to float, late august 2021.  plus the exciting upcoming development from Belgium .   

anon k



what follows below is a cluster of notes and links you might find useful.





if you are interested in my process this essay ‘letter to X’ may be helpful. you can find it here


if you are interested about what other people have said about my work. the essay & interview section in the overviews menu has some wonderful writing. find it here.

also for shorter commentaries a selection can be found here.

there is poetry!!  you will find it here.

there is alberts writing!  philosophy& poetry combined.   for that go here

a photographic collection of the artists life, via decade era’s can be found here.  (unfinished, 40’s & 50’s yet to be unfurled, 60’s yet to be lived) 



i will try and archive and update the site every new zealand winter.

every now and then, most probably also in the new zealand winter i might present an online exhibition.

if you would like notice of these events and are not yet signed into this site.  you can do so below.



regarding sales i have deputised a small group of people whom will be able to answer via email any enquiries. these people are all artist colleagues and much more able than i to deal with these transactions.

Fiona Johnstone    
Campbell Walker   
Justin Spiers            

their contacts will also be found at the lower edge of the online exhibition pages with pricing details of works available for sale. these people will be able to discuss the work in their own way, the sale terms and make the necessary arrangements as happily and efficiently for you as we can make possible.



for any other enquires
regarding the practice
you are most welcome
to contact me via email.

Kim Pieters
Harbour Studio, Dunedin,
Aotearoa, New Zealand
South Pacific

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