kim pieters studio




‘what is a life?’



Adam Art Gallery / Te Pātaka Toi
Victoria University of Wellington



 ‘Halo’ 2010digital video
24.39mins, looped

audio: Edie Stevens



the Adam Art Gallery / Te Pātaka Toi. Victoria University of Wellington. New Zealand.
kim pieters 2007-2014
the harbour studio years.

27th May—21 Sept 2014
‘what is a life?’
curated by Christina Barton



series lists & hanging


Level One

1. Window Gallery: Halo av.2010
2. Congreve Gallery: “the mallarmé suite’ 2013
3. Upper Chartwell Gallery: untitled:photographs 2007-2014
4. Upper Chartwell Gallery far end: ‘something possible or i will suffocate’2009


Level Two
5. Landing & Mezzanine:untitled: two drawings2007


Level Three
6.  Stairwell Gallery: over stair wall. Magnet av.2009
7.  Stairwell Gallery: flat screen projections seven digital video’s
8.  Lower Chartwell Gallery left wall: ‘there was a project for the sun and is’ 2014
9.  Lower Chartwell Gallery left wall: untitled: four drawings 2007
10. Lower Chartwell Gallery far end: ‘the fiction of a hill’ painting 2011
11. Lower Chartwell Gallery right wall:‘arbitrary knowledges’2013